Troop 783 has an advancement process that checks the Scout's advancement requirements, tracking his advancement dates, night, miles, service hours and where he is in the quest for Eagle. With the help of many volunteers, this process runs smoothly and is rewarding for the Scout.

The advancement process for the ranks of Scout through Life Scout is documented below. Click on Eagle Scout to see the advancement process for that rank.

Step 1: Satisfy rank requirements

Advancement toward a scout rank starts with the Scout working toward and eventually completing each of the rank's requirements as well as satisfying ancillary troop requirements. Click HERE for additional and important information about this process.

Step 2: Apply for rank advancement

Once all requirements for that rank are completed, the Scout goes to the Advancement Chair and obtains a Rank Advancement Form, also referred to as the Orange Sheet. Once the Rank Advancement form is completed and the Patrol Leader signature has been obtained, the Scout then goes to the Troop Service & Participation Chair who will review the Scout's Troop activity participation and service hours recorded. The Scout will then see the Advancement Chair to review his participationrecord, and confirm that all rank requirements have been met.

Step 3: Scoutmaster Conference

The purpose of the Scoutmaster Conference (SmC) is to confirm that the advancement process has been executed properly and to verify that Scout possesses the knowledge and skills appropriate to the rank. The SmC is conducted by the Scoutmaster or more typically, an Assistant Scoutmaster.

Step 4: Board of Review

The purpose of the Board of Review (BOR) is to independently verify that the advancement process has been executed properly and to certify that the Scout is indeed to ready advance. Boards of Review consist of 3 adult members of the troop, none of whom can be the Scout's parent or the troop Scoutmaster.

Step 5: Recognition

Once the advancement application process (step 4) is completed, the Scout is officially considered by the Troop to have obtained the rank. The Scout will be publicly recognized for his achievement as follows:

The Advancement Chair has developed a presentation of the advancement process targeted toward new troop parents. The materials that are handed out during the presentation are contained in this .zip file and duplicate or supplement the information found elsewhere on the troop web site.