Church Parking

Please follow the rules below for parking at Rolling Hills United Methodist Church for Troop activities/events. Below is a campus map for your reference.

1. Be courteous at all times to members of Country Day School and RHUMC. They frequently work together and share parking. In addition, the front parking lot (see map below) belongs to Country Day School. Troop members may park in this lot on Monday evenings (for parent meetings) and on Tuesday evenings (for Troop/Greenbar meetings/COH's) ONLY. Please do not park in this lot at any other time for Troop activities/trips.

2. Any Troop related parking at RHUMC, other than for Monday evening parent meetings and Tuesday evening Troop/Greenbar meetings/COH's, requires prior church approval. Please contact Peggy Roulette at the church at (310) 377-6771 or Once approved, Troop members must gather/park in the far back corner of the lot (see red 'X' on map below).

3. Please contact Jennifer Hong at (415) 902-7277 or with any questions.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Rolling Hills United Methodist Church campus map