Leadership Roles

During each Scout's journey to Eagle, each Scout has the opportunity of holding a leadership position in the Troop. Each Scout has the opportunity to hold any of these positions when the Scout feels ready to perform the roles and responsibilities of the position. Each position is outlined below and it is important for each Scout that currently holds the position as well as Scouts that want to hold the leadership position, that they understand and accept the roles and responsibilities of each position.

If a Scout holds a leadership position, the Troop expects the Scout to perform the duties of the position to their best abilities. No Scout will be performing these duties alone. There is a Senior Patrol to assist each leadership position as well as the Troop Adult Leadership to guide the Scouts in each position.

Senior Patrol Leader

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) Patrol Leader (PL) Assistant Patrol Leader (APL) Scribe Historian Quarter Master Chaplain Aid Librarian Troop Instructor Den Chief Bugler