Merit Badge Opportunities and Resources

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Merit Badge Procedure

Working on a merit badge is especially enjoyable when Scouts work together. The BSA encourages this by making the buddy system a part of the merit badge program. Together, the two meet with the merit badge counselors, plan projects, and keep the enthusiasm high.

The requirements for each merit badge appear in the current BSA merit badge pamphlet for that award and in the book Boy Scout Requirements, available at Scout Shops and council service centers. When a Scout has decided on a merit badge he would like to earn, he must follow these steps:

  1. Obtain from his Scoutmaster or Assistant Scoutmaster, a signed merit badge application (blue card) and a list of merit badge counselors for that particular merit badge.

  2. Along with another Scout or adult, set up and attend a first meeting with the merit badge counselor. The merit badge counselor will explain the requirements for the badge and help the Scout plan ways to fulfill them so that he gets the most out of the experience. All Scouts must be in full Class A uniform, bring their signed blue card for that merit badge completely filled out and the merit badge pamphlet.

  3. The Scout then completes all the requirements, sets up another meeting with the merit badge counselor and both will review the requirements to assure that all requirements have been fulfilled. Once all requirements has been fulfilled, the merit badge counselor will fill out and sign the blue card and will remove a portion of the card for their records.

  4. The Scout then returns the blue card to the Scoutmaster who in turn will sign the card, and turn it over to the advancement chairperson. The Scout will then receive the merit badge and advancement card at the next Court of Honor.

Additional Information for Specific Merit Badges