Minimum Participation Levels

For each rank in Scouting, there is a requirement describing participation in troop meetings and activities. Troop 783 policy stipulates minimum Scout participation levels as follows:

  1. The Scout must have attended a minimum of 50% of all Troop meetings during the preceding three month period to qualify for any rank.

  2. The first requirement listed in the Boy Scout Handbook for the ranks of Star, Life, and Eagle is: "Be active in your troop and patrol for x months". Troop 783 has established the following definitions for what it means to "be active" in our troop:

Activities Defined

What counts as an activity?

What does NOT count as an activity?

Note: A week spent at Summer Camp will be counted as two overnight camping trips towards the Star, Life, and Eagle Scout rank camping requirement.

Records Keeping

It is the responsibility of each scout to keep a list of activities he attends and it is the job of the Participation Chair to verify their records. The Rank Activities Tracking Spreadsheet is a good way for Scouts to manage this information at home and can be printed out and attached to the Rank Advancement Form.

At the completion of each activity, it is the responsibility of the SPL/Leader from the trip or activity to provide a list of all scout attendees and number of miles hiked and nights camped (if applicable) to the Participation Chair and the Nights & Miles Chair so that an accurate and up-to-date record of scout participation can be kept.

Each scout, especially Life Scouts who may be on a time constraint, are strongly encouraged to come by the Advancement Table during troop meetings at least once per month to check their advancement progress.

If you have participated in a service project outside of the Troop please provide signed documentation from the Adult leader of the project that states the date, amount of hours and activity performed. This should be turned into the Participation Chair.